Create a Ghost Blog for free - part 1 (setup)

This is my first blog post, so I decided to show you how to setup a completely free Ghost Blog ready to use. The part 1 of the tutorial shows how to setup a fully working Blog (already available and deployed online) by using the OpenShift Cloud Platform.

OpenShift Platform

The first thing to do is to create an account on OpenShift, a platform where you can run your Ghost Blog with few clicks. So sign up to OpenShift.

Then you can create your Ghost Application by selecting the ghost cartridge.

Configure the application with a public URL: this is an openshift always available url that you can change with your custom domain later.

Select other configurations such as the Database, the location of the server and so on (I've used the default ones) and click to the Create Application button.

The Ghost Application

The deployment process may take some time... but once completed I have my Ghost blog available at

To configure the Blog simply go the /ghost path of your URL, for me is The first time it redirects to the /ghost/setup path.

ATTENTION: I've used the http protocol in my examples, but it is strongly recommended to use the HTTPS, especially to setup and to sign in and configure the blog (passwords are involved). The OpenShift service already provide a configured and trusted SSL certificate for your blog URL (for me is ).

Next Parts

In the next parts I will show you how to add a custom domain, how to add some SSL security features for your custom domain (completely for free) and how to add some interesting features to your new Ghost Blog (Google Analytics, Disqus, etc...). So... Stay Updated...

Part 2 - Custom Domain

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