About Me


I am an information technology geek, a Programming Language Polyglot and an IT security enthusiast. I love to learn new languages, programming philosophies and new ways of thinking. I am an avid researcher and the words "“I cannot do it”" are not in my vocabulary.

General Skills

  • 3+ years of web development (server/client side - PHP,JAVAEE,HTML5,CSS,Javascript,jQuery,Bootstrap,MYSQL,Linux,Windows)
  • 1+ years stack MEAN development (MongoDB,Express,Angular,Node)
  • 2+ years JavaEE development (JavaBean, JAX-RS, Wildfly, ORM)
  • Strong Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming and Design
  • Deep understanding about REST services and philosophy (APIs, OAuth2,...)
  • Good knowledge of traditional programming languages such as C, C++, Java
  • Excellent knowledge of structured data modeling and tools: E/R model, SQL, relational databases
  • Good knowledge of not structured data modeling and tools: NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Excellent software development skills and experience in simple and complex applications
  • Excellent knowledge of programming architectures, styles and design pattern
  • Excellent hands-on design, coding, testing methodologies and debugging skills: Agile Software Development, TDD, BDD
  • Deep understanding of networking protocols and computer network systems
  • Good knowledge of offensive and defensive IT security
  • Good knowledge about Machine Learning solutions and algorithms
  • Good knowledge about versioning tools: Git - Mercurial

Javascript World

  • Strong understanding of Javascript principles and paradigms: prototypes, closures, functions, instances, abstraction and so on
  • Server Side: NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS
  • Client Side: jQuery, BootStrap, Angular, Bower, Material Design
  • Testing: Mocha, Jasmine, Protractor
  • Task & Generators: Gulp, Yeoman